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Donald Driver sets the all-time receiving mark for the Green Bay Packers. Packers 26 Lions 0.

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(September 14, 2008 - Photo by None/Getty Images North America)

(September 14, 2008 - Photo by None/Getty Images North America)

On Sunday, Oct. 18, Donald Driver became the all-time leading receiver in Green Bay Packers history. His record setting 596th catch came early on in the game, and the Lambeau Field crowd went into frenzy and gave him a standing ovation. I was fortunate enough to be there and be a part of it. It was quite a sight to see. If you know anything about Packer fans, they were even more boisterous than usual thanks in part to Driver’s record-setting day. Driver finished the game with seven catches for a total of 107 yards and pushed his career receptions mark, and the new team record, to 602.

Donald Driver is well-known in Packers lore as someone who was buried on the depth-chart at the beginning of his career and who worked his way into the starting line-up over the years. In 1999, Driver was drafted out of Alcorn State in the seventh round mostly as an afterthought. He worked hard and eventually broke into the starting line-up where he developed a strong rapport with then QB Brett Favre. His work ethic, easy-going nature, and focus on family led Driver to become one of the most beloved Packer players of all time. You can't find one bad thing that anyone has to say about the guy. Believe me, I've tried. I was trying not to gush over him like a little schoolgirl but there really isn't anything bad you can say about this guy. He is the definition of a class act. Congratulations Donald!! You deserve it.

Your reward for a record-breaking week is a Coney Dog, a Detroit specialty. Lions fans, I know you’re probably all pretty depressed right now, so shove a few of these in your faces and grab some extra napkins to dry your tears. I realize many Lions fans will be saying that without WR Calvin Johnson, and QB Matthew Stafford, the Lions didn’t stand a chance. These guys are arguably Detroit’s two best players. Okay Lions fans, I’ll give you a pass this week, but when those guys get healthy I don’t want to hear any more excuses.

Once again, the Packers offensive line was offensive for anyone to watch, giving up five sacks and making the fans in the stands cringe every time Aaron Rodgers tried to run for his life. Someday maybe the Packers offensive line won't be made of Swiss cheese but a more hearty Wisconsin cheddar. Here's hoping! Next week the Packers travel to Cleveland to face the 1-5 Browns. Go Pack!


A Podcast about Game Day Foods

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I asked a few people what they wanted to eat on Packers Game Day. 🙂

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Monday Night Meltdown – Another bad night for the Pack. Vikings 30 Packers 23

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Favre in purple

Favre in purple

It looks like Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle owes Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty a case of Wisconsin beer. The two governors had a bet riding on Monday night’s Packers-Vikings matchup. The winner got a case of the other state’s beer. Might I suggest some Spotted Cow, Mr. Governor? Or, if that’s not your favorite flavor, then you could go with some Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Leinenkugel’s. All three are Wisconsin beers that have become quite popular over the years. Yes, I am aware that many of you know this.

Gov. Doyle won’t be going home empty-handed because the two governors also had a bet riding on Saturday’s Minnesota-Wisconsin college football matchup. The Badgers pulled out the win 31-28. Gov. Doyle’s reward will be a case of specialty Minnesota foods. To put it in Minnesota terms: “Oh Ya Know, we got dat tater-tot hot dish ya know hey.” I suppose the only way to make their silly foods edible will be smothering them with Wisconsin cheddar. As we all know, Wisconsin cheddar makes everything better.
A wheel of Wisconsin Cheese

A wheel of Wisconsin Cheese

Anyway, on to the game. In my last blog I predicted that the Vikings’ strong pass rush, specifically Jared Allen, would dominate the Packers’ weak offensive line. That’s exactly what happened. It was a Monday night record 8 sacks for the Vikings. Even though Aaron Rodgers put up another valiant effort, the Pack’s O-line was obviously over-matched. If Green Bay doesn’t get this fixed and fast, it can expect to be watching the playoffs from home this year instead of participating in them. Their record is now 2-2 and they are two games behind division-leading Minnesota. They sorely missed Chad Clifton this week at left tackle.

Oh yes, and who could forget about Brett Favre. ESPN had this game hyped like the second coming of Christ. The senior citizen (Favre) tore apart the Packers’ secondary, throwing for three touchdowns, and making Al Harris wonder if he should cut off his dreadlocks. Perhaps if the Green Bay defense had been able to reach Favre at all, the outcome might have been different. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Next week is the Packers bye week before heading back to Lambeau Field to face the Lions. I’ll be at the game, so I should have some great inside-the-game reporting. Especially on the tailgating.