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Packers escape with another victory, as the Lions show some teeth. Packers 28 – Lions 26.

What an exciting game to watch! Especially when you consider that no one thought it would even be close. Most people had the Packers winning over the Lions easily, but these are not the same old Lions that the Pack beats up on every year. No, this is a good young Lions team and they deserve credit for hanging around with the Packers the entire game. Here’s a fun fact – the Lions have not won a game in Wisconsin since 1991. Wow!

From my vantage point in the South End Zone at Lambeau Field, it looked to me as if Aaron Rodgers was pressing a bit in the second half when he got to throw the ball. I don’t think he liked being coached to run the ball more often when the passing game was working so well, and in my opinion, it was kind of stupid for coach Mike McCarthy to get away from what was working just because he might have something to prove with the running game.

The running back tandem of Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn did not look good on Sunday. The Packers should have been able to run it on Detroit, a team that has one of the worst run defenses in the league. They couldn’t. Except for the last five minutes of the game when they used John Kuhn repeatedly to run out the clock.

It looked to me like Kuhn should have been the starter. At least he can gain one or two yards every play when there is no hole to run through. Unlike Jackson who will consistently lose two yards. And now it needs to be said – when one of your fullbacks is your best option at Running Back, I think your ground game is in trouble.

Still a win is a win, no matter how you slice it, and we will be grateful for that. Me, I’m just grateful that Charles Woodson is on our team and not anybody else’s. How about the pick-six? That got the 70,000+ people at Lambeau fired up and on their feet! I liked his form on the six-yard dive into the end zone. πŸ™‚

And now for something spicy to get you fired up! How about a Game Day staple – Nachos with cheese!! What do you call the cheese that doesn’t belong to you? That’s right, Na Cho cheese. Try combining the cheese listed in the recipe with some other varieties – I recommend using some WISCONSIN CHEDDAR. I found a nice recipe for nachos at Simply Recipes.com

Next week the Packers travel to Washington D.C. to take on the Donovan McNabb led Redskins. Should be a great game! Fearless Prediction: Packers 31 – Redskins 24

Happy reading and happy eating!! Go Pack Go!!!

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