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Green Bay pokes the sleeping Bears and promptly shoots themselves in the foot. Bears 20 – Packers 17.

Well that was a bitter pill to swallow as a Packers fan. I think everyone here in Packers nation could agree that penalties and Special teams were the difference in that game. The Packers gave up a long punt return touchdown to Devin “Remember when I was that good?” Hester and left 3 points on the field when Mason Crosby‘s Field Goal was blocked midway through the 3rd Quarter.

Mike McCarthy is also awarded DUMBEST coach in the NFL this week for challenging the call on the James Jones fumble in the 4th Quarter ON HIS OWN> That’s right, nobody told him to challenge that call. An OBVIOUS fumble and recovery. What an idiot.

Let’s quickly look at the good and the bad for the Packers in this game.

The bad: Special teams, which were obviously not-so-special, and the complete lack of a running game. Give credit to the Bears defense here, they have always been good, but the Packers running game was atrocious tonight.The Good: Aaron Rodgers playing lights out and throwing it all over the field without making any big mistakes. And how about that run into the endzone by Mr. Rodgers? That was all guts.

I’d like to complain some more, but you have to give it to the Bears, they made the plays when it counted. I’ve already marked the rematch at Lambeau Field on my calendar, so I hope you have too. Look for the Packers to avenge their loss in tonight’s game when the Bears roll into town on Jan. 02 for the final game of the season.

Unless of course by then one of the teams has a playoff bye locked up, because that team would probably only play backup players after clinching a bye week. And of course, we are all expecting the Packers to win 13 games in  a row now, aren’t we?

If you’re feeling down after the loss, grab some comfort food. Mine is pizza and that’s what I’ll be looking to chew out some of my frustration on… Here’s a great recipe for some Chicago style pizza, it’s a (you guessed it) Chicago tradition. Now what will I recommend when Chicago comes to town? Hee hee. Seriously though, does it get any better than pizza? Not if you ask me. Remember to enhance that mozzarella cheese with some Wisconsin Cheddar you CHEESE-HEADS.

Happy Reading, and Happier Eating!

Oh and one last note – normally I post a highlights video but there aren’t any available yet so I’ll post one tomorrow. Go Pack!

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