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The Pack is Back!! And so is my blog! Packers 27 – Eagles 20.

I started writing this blog as part of a college class but I’m a graduate now and I thought I’d just give it a go- now that I’m not getting graded on it.

I am still going to bring you Packers game recaps, news and updates. And I’m still going to blog about the best foods in the world. And seriously, what could be better than food and football? Not much in my estimation. Hope you enjoy it like Troy enjoys Abed. Or haven’t you heard of Community? It’s only the best new show on TV.

So let’s just dive right in, like a pit-bull into a T-bone steak – Here are the highlights. (and some lowlights.)

The Iggle’s Kevin Kolb‘s first start after the Donovan Mcnabb era was short-lived, as Packers linebacker Clay Matthews III gave him a concussion and knocked him out of the game. Ouch. Eagle’s MLB Stuart Bradley was also concussed in the first half, leading to him sitting out the second half as well.

Ryan Grant also suffered a serious ankle injury, and there was a gruesome leg injury to the Eagles’s Leonard Weaver. Overall it was a tough game to watch as far as injuries ..

The Packers Defense had the Eagles shut down in the first half (they had more penalty yards than yards of total offense), until the Mike Vick show showed up in the second half and started making all of us here in Packer country nervous.  I still haven’t forgiven Vick for defeating our Packers in the playoffs almost five years ago when he was with the Falcons. (Among other things that he won’t be forgiven for.)

Fortunately though, the Pack had built a nice lead and the Defense came up big when it counted. Even a late Aaron Rodgers interception couldn’t turn the tide in favor of the Eagles, an interception that was noticeably uncharacteristic of Rodgers, he threw the fewest number of picks in the NFL last season (for a starting QB).

That’s all sports fans, and for this week’s food we’ve got to go with none other than the classic Philly Cheese Steak. It’s a classic and a Philadelphia tradition. Try the recipe here. But remember to replace that American cheese with some DELICIOUS WISCONSIN CHEDDAR.

Maybe some Philly fans can find comfort by gobbling down a couple of these. Don’t forget to let those kaiser rolls soak up your soggy tears you Eagles chumps! Don’t worry though – you still have Rocky.

Next week the Pack take on the Buffalo Bills in their first HOME game on the as of now not-so-frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Fearless Prediction: Packers 35 – Bills 10. Look for Rodgers and the Packers D to dominate.

Questions, Comments, Likes or Dislikes?? Feel free to say whatever you want, and thanks for reading! Happy reading and happy eating!

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