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Injury Update – Standings Update

Aaron Kampman (OLB) and Al Harris (CB) are both out for the rest of the season with serious knee injuries. Each man was injured during the Packers win over the 49ers.The loss of two veteran defensive players is going to really hurt the Packers. Kampman and Harris were both pro-bowl defenders.

Still, it will now be up to some of the younger backups to step in and try to fill those roles. Players to watch for: Tramon Williams playing in place of the injured Al Harris, and Brad Jones – a rookie OLB. I’m not exactly sure who the Packers will be using in place of Kampman yet – most likely it will be a rotation between Brandon Chillar, Brady Poppinga and Brad Jones.

Also, the Eagles squeaked out a victory over the Bears last night 24-20, so they are also now tied for a wild card spot with both Green Bay and New York (Giants). So as Packers fans, we should also be rooting for teams that play against the Eagles and the Giants. 🙂 Can’t wait for Thursday’s game, and I’ll be wearing my fatty pants for the Turducken.

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