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The Pack is back… Or are they? Packers 36 Rams 17

The Green Bay Packers defeated the St. Louis Rams this past Sunday, Sept. 27
The final score was Green Bay 36 – St. Louis 17

There won’t be any celebrations with toasted ravioli in good old Missouri this week.
Instead we will be celebrating here in Wisconsin with cheese platters and beer soaked bratwurst.

A few former and some current Green Bay players, recognize anyone?

A few former and some current Green Bay players, recognize anyone?

That was a much better performance this week in all three phases of the game by the Packers. The offense, defense and special teams all contributed solid efforts in the win. If there could be any criticism this week, it would still fall on the offensive line, which once again had Aaron Rodgers running for his life, especially in the first half.

The injury to QB Mark Bulger of the Rams in the first half of the game may have had something to do with how well the Green Bay defense played, but Kyle Boller stepped in for the Rams and played well for them. The former Ravens QB had two touchdown passes, while Green Bay LB Brandon Chillar was torched twice for a pair of scores. Without the touchdown passes, the Rams may have been held to a meager 3 points by the pack.

Let’s not sugar-coat it though – the Rams are a bad team and Green Bay won a game that everybody expected them to. Who knows, the Rams could even be this years’ Lions. As it stands now, the Rams have the longest losing streak in the NFL – 13 games – thanks to the Lions finally winning one (were you as shocked as I was?). If there was any doubt that the Packers should have won the game, you must be a Rams fan. Oh wait…I keep forgetting… the Rams have no fans.

At some point the Packers offensive Line will have to show up if the green and gold want to win some close games. Look for Jared Allen of the Vikings to dominate Green Bay’s weak O-line next week. Sad but true. It’s time for a showdown when the Packers take on the Minnesota Vikings at the metro dome. It’s Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers episode one. There hasn’t been this much excitement about something since Luke Skywalker took on Darth Vader in Star Wars. You can figure out who you think is Luke and who is Vader in this analogy… nfl_favre_rodgers_580It should be FAN-tastic.

This week’s Winners:

Player of the Game: Donald Driver – did you see the helmet catch?
If not here it is:
Play of the Game: Johnny Jolly intercepting a tipped pass in the first half.
Needs Work: Once again, the Packers offensive line has just been mediocre, and they need to get that fixed.

This week’s Losers:
The entire Rams defense. Too bad guys… Runner up: Brandon Chillar in pass coverage

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  1. September 29, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Awesome write up but too confusing as I am reading and seeing Brett Favre in a Packer uniform.
    I am a Packer fan but I am more of a Honest football fan. So, hence, I am a Brett Favre fan. He Is football and as soon as the rest of the Packer fans realize that Brett did not want to leave Green Bay but was forced out by the management, then maybe we won’t have so many “fanatics” of football but instead “Fans” of the sport.
    Thanks for a great read, Jeremy and keep it up!

  2. jeklars6
    September 29, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks for the comment Claire. I appreciate it. First I agree about the confusion, but unfortunately I have no pictures of Brett in a Vikings uniform. Something we have to worry about a lot on our blogs is using copyrighted images. Most of the photos were either taken with my fiance’s camera or my own. If I do get a photo of him in purple or get permission to use one, I will certainly do that. I think that a lot of people don’t know the whole situation with Brett, and probably never will. As a fan, I still respect him, but as a GB fan, I would love nothing more than to see the Vikings go down in flames against the pack. Either way, it should be an awesome game! I can’t wait.

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